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I already have a system can Mautz Security monitor it?

YES!  We can monitor all major brands of alarm systems.  In most cases this process takes about 1 hour to complete.  There is no charge for us to come to your location and hook up your system to our state of the art monitoring service.

How often should I test my security system?

Regularly!!  Weekly by the alarm user, when you make any changes to your phone service, after experiencing any phone line troubles, when you notice system malfunctions, and after heavy lightning storms.

Do people ignore ringing alarm systems?

Sadly yes, some members of the public will regard the noise made by an alarm system as a nuisance.  The good news is burglar can not rely on this indifference.  The burglar does not know whether your alarm is monitored or if the police have been notified.

What are the components of a quality Mautz Security Alarm System?

Complete systems should run on house AC power and include a battery backup.  Any components on the system should be made as inaccessible as possible so that the intruders find it difficult to cut through wires and attempt to disable the security system.  Make sure yard signs and window decals are displayed advertising your home is protected by an alarm system..  Mautz Security highly recommends installing a wireless communicator on your system to prevent a would be criminal from cutting your phone line and disabling your monitoring station connection.  With a wireless communicator these worries are a thing of the past.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

What are the most frequent issues with alarms that cause false alarms?

  • Improper application or installation of security equipment
  • Improper maintenance on the system.  Replacing panel and sensor batteries
  • Faulty equipment
  • Wires damaged by rodents.  We recommend our wireless system

What are the most frequent human errors that cause false alarms?

  • Use of incorrect user code
  • Failure to know security monitoring password
  • Failure to train additional user of the alarm (Employee, Janitor, House Keeper, or Delivery Personnel)
  • Failure to properly secure doors and windows before leaving the site.
  • Failure to update authorized personnel list with your monitoring alarm company

How do I know who to choose for my Security Company?

Mautz believes in checking out the companies background to ensure you are hiring a quality and trusted company.  Make sure the company is listening to your needs for your home or business.  Mautz believes in protecting the customer and the investments they have.